Ken Tobias: Secrets (EP)

The six songs on this EP were first released to Canadian radio stations in 1993 to promote the songs of Ken Tobias and stimulate radio play. It was part of a two CD package that included six songs from Toronto band Bloorstation. Until now none of these Ken Tobias songs were ever released for sale to the public.

Fans of Ken Tobias have been after us to make these songs available. We have listened and as such we have repackaged the six songs under the title SECRETS for only digital release. To enhance the release we have used one of Ken's wonderful paintings for the cover art. The painting is one in a series following the theme "Behind Closed Doors." Thought it would be a good fit for the title "Secrets" which of course is a track on the EP.

Released 20 January 2011
Produced and Arranged by Ken Tobias

Track Listing:
1. Don't It Break Your Heart 03:31
2. What's Your Name 03:58
3. One More Try 03:56
4. Water From The Moon 04:35
5. Secrets 03:47
6. Freedom 04:09

Ken Tobias: From A Distance

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Audio CD
Release Date: 2008
Label: The Pangaea Music House - (PMH-1002)
Length: 41:17

FROM A DISTANCE is the long anticipated album from multi-award winning singer-songwriter Ken Tobias. This new album has 10 new songs written by Ken over the last fifteen years and it is his first studio recording in almost two decades. Fans won’t be disappointed as they discover that Ken's mature voice and broad range delivers some of the best songwriting and performances of his career. The 10 songs on FROM A DISTANCE are a dynamic mix of styles that weave from infectious pop melodies to edgy rock with some Latin rhythms and moody ballads.

Considered one of Canada’s most accomplished singer-songwriters, FROM A DISTANCE has Ken Tobias at the top of his game. This new batch of songs holds true to Ken’s reputation for writing brilliant musical hooks, poignant song stories and painting lucid imagery with his words.

Produced and arranged by Ken Tobias.

Track Lisiting:
1. Call Me
2. From A Distance
3. Heart Of Stone
4. My Maria
5. Stars In The Water
6. I Had A Dream
7. Taboo
8. Like Innocence
9. Baby Of Mine
10. Wings Of My Guitar

Ken Tobias: Pangaea (Radio Sampler)

Release Date: 1993
Label: Pangaea Music (Radio Sampler) - (PMH CD-1001)
Length: 24:09

This was Ken's first studio recording in almost 10 years and was created primarily for promotion and to stimulate radio play. Pangaea Music wanted to showcase both new songs


"When you first enter Reaction Studios in Toronto, the first thing you notice is a painting. In it, a man dressed in a court jester's suit with a nose like an eagle's beak is proudly singing on a stage lit purple. ...One wintery evening...I noticed the artist's signature: Ken Tobias. I asked someone in the studio if it was the Ken Tobias, the same 70's MOR pop star whose hit singles I had once tried to learn from K-TEl albums as a teen on my Degas Stratocaster guitar, songs like Give A Little Love and Stay Awhile. I learned that it was indeed the real Tobias. I asked if he was still alive." -- Dave Bidini, The Rheostatics, The Toronto Star.

On a daily basis throughout North America, the odds are good that somewhere classic radio will be playing a Ken Tobias penned song. Most likely it will be the 1971 million selling hit "Stay Awhile" recorded by The Bells. In Canada the odds are even better since the pool of radio "gold, written and recorded by Ken Tobias, is greater. Songs like "I Just Want To Make Music", "Dream #2", "Lady Luck", "Every Bit Of Love", "Give A Little Love", and "New York City", everday bring smiles to the faces of "boomers" and "X-ers". Although it has been some time since Ken has released an album, he has not bee creatively inactive. As a visual artist, well over a hundred of his paintings hang in Canadian homes. His credits for composing for film and television include award winning documentaries and he remains an incredibly prolific songwriter. This CD contains six new songs written, produced and performed by Ken Tobias. We think that they are some of the best songs of his career. The Pangaea Music House is proud to provide this opportunity for you to rediscover one of Canada's foremost musical talents. Enjoy! ...and stand by for more to come from Ken Tobias.

Produced and Arranged by Ken Tobias

Executive Producer: Tony Tobias
Engineer: James Stewart
Production Coordinator: Sharon Hookway
Mixed by Ken Tobias & James Stewart
Recorded with Dolby SR at Reaction Studios, Toronto

All Songs on this disc written by Ken Tobias

All songs (c) 1992 Pangaea Music / Gloosecap Music. (SOCAN)

Ken Tobias: Vocals, guitar
Michael McFarlane: Lead & rhythm guitar, b.g. vocals
Steve Briggs: Lead & rhythm guitar, b.g. vocals
Neil Tatay: Keyboards
Paul Kobayashi: Bass
Jeff MacPherson: Drums, percussion
Joanne Powell: Background vocals

Special thanks to all the musicians for their creative contributions. 

Mastered at MusicLane Inc, Markham, Ontario

Direction: The Pangaea Music House

Design: Linda Kozlowski, What! Graphics
Cover Art: "Anima Loro" by Eugenio Teller (c) 1988

Photography: Chris Chapman

Make-up: Jo-Ann Blanchard

Contact: Tony Tobias, The Pangaea Music House
P.O. Box 609 Station F, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 2L8

With the participation of:

Ontario, through the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation

(P)(c) 1993 The Pangaea Music House

PMH CD-1001

1 Don't It Break Your Heart
2 What's Your Name
3 One More Try
4 Water From The Moon
5 Secrets6Freedom

Ken Tobias: Gallery

Release Date: 1984
Label: CBC Records (LM 483)
Length: 37:59

Gallery is Ken's sixth studio album and was recorded exclusively for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Produced by Keith Whiting
Arranged by Ken Tobias, Charlie Clark and Ray Parker

String Arrangements: Chris Dedrick

Engineer: Greg Roberts 

Recorded and mixed at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Lead Vocals: Ken Tobias
Background Vocals: Ken Tobias, Jacki Ralph, Charlie Clark

Keyboards: Ray Parker 

Guitar: Brian Russell except on "Away Down The road" by Bob Mann

Bass: Kim Brandt
Drums: Paul Beedham
Percussion: Memo Acevedo, Dante Young
Marimbas: Russel Hartenberger 

Steel Guitar: Ron Dann 

Saxophone: Pat Perez 

All songs written by Ken Tobias except "Somewhere They Found Love" which was written by Ken Tobias and Rick Edgett.

1 My Maria
2 Dancing In The Moonlight
3 When You Give Me Love
4 Longing For You
5 Somewhere They Found Love
6 Without You
7 Crazy For Loving You
8 Reflecting Love
9 Away Down The Road
10 No Pain Like Love

Ken Tobias - Friends: A Kid's Album of Pop Songs

Release Date:1984
Label:Kiddin' 'Round Records (KR 79806) - (CBS Records)

Ken was approached by producer Keith Whiting to record an album for the Canadian children's market. Ken agreed but considered it an experiment. He insisted on making it an album for kids that would be intelligent and fun. Ken conducted some serious research including doing focus testing at schools and getting input from teachers and students. As a result the album touches on a variety of subjects with underlying learning value including themes that deal with the environment, love, safety, geography and imagination. Ken wrote most of the 10 songs specifically for this album with inspiration coming from the many school kids he spoke with.

Produced by Ken Tobias and Keith Whiting
Arranged by Ken Tobias
Executive Producers: Tony Tobias and Robert Wilkins
Engineered by Bob Doige
Recorded and mixed at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Special thanks: the kids of Mrs. Kryger's and Mrs. Fejes Grade 2 classes at Regal Road Public School, Toronto for their spirit, inspiration and ideas.

After the album was completed it was learned that CBS Records in Canada was launching a children's label called Kiddin' 'Round Records. The label agreed to license and release the recording of "Friends". Unfortunately, not long after launching the label, CBS decided to close the label down. The album to date has not been released on CD. A teacher / parent guide was created by educational consultant Tanya Priem to accompany the album. The album jacket design was conceived by Tony Tobias and it was one of the first to be computer generated. It was generated on the Dicomed Imaginator system at Ariel Computer Productions in Toronto.

1 Colours And Numbers
2 Friends
3 Hello Around The World
4 Super Canadian Kids
5 What Is Love?
6 Let's Clean Up The World
7 Whistle Song
8 Little Pet Rock
9 On A Horse Named Freedom With Wings
10 Play Safe, Stay Safe

The Ken Tobias Collection: So Far So Good

Release Date: 1978
Label: Attic (LAT 1050)
Length: 39:07

This album is a collection of Ken's singles and hits to date and includes the Attic recording of "Dream #2" rather than the MGM recording of the song. Ken prefers the Attic version. The collection also includes "Silver Saddle" a song that Ken co-wrote in Rome for an Italian western movie by the same name (Sella Argento). Although the album was released by Attic it is a compilation of recordings from both the MGM and Attic recordings.

1 I Just Want To Make Music
2 Stay Awhile
3 Fly Me High
4 Lady Luck
5 Run Away With Me
6 Every Bit Of Love
7 Give A Little Love
8 Dancer
9 Dream #2
10 I Don't Want To Be Alone
11 New York City
12 Silver Saddle

Ken Tobias: Street Ballet

Release Date: 1977
Label: Attic (LAC 1033)
Length: 37:51

This is Ken's fifth studio album and third for Attic Records.

Produced and Arranged by Ken Tobias
Engineered by Dave Balan
Assistant Engineers: Colin Murphy and David Taylor
Associate Producer: Tony Tobias
Recorded at RCA Studios in Toronto

Horn Arrangements: Simon Stone.
String Arrangements: Milan Kymlicka.
Vocal Arrangements: Elaine Overholt and Ken Tobias

Ken Tobias (vocals / guitars);
Bill Scullion (bass);
Bob DiSalle (Drums);
Memo Acevedo (percussion);
Simon Stone (saxes / flute);
Richard Waychesco (trumpet / flugel horn);
Rick Edgett (lead guitar);
Davey Murrell (lead guitar on "Whistle These Old Blues").
Background Vocals: Elaine Overholt, Colina Phillips, Sharon Lee Williams, Ken Tobias

All songs written by Ken Tobias.

1 Love Can Last Forever
2 Downtown
3 New York City
4 Hats Off
5 I Don't Want To Be Alone
6 Whistle These Old Blues
7 Writing Down This Song
8 Simple Song
9 Old Timer
10 The Lady Craves Love
11 Blackbird
12 Dream No.2

Ken Tobias: Sirens Spell

Release Date: 1976
Label: Attic Records (LAT 1013)
Length: 40:19



SIREN SPELL is Ken's fourth album and number two for Attic.

Engineer: Don Gepert
Assistant Engineers: John Naslun and Gary Grey
Associate Producer: Tony Tobias


Ken Tobias: lead and background vocals, electric guitar, electric acoustic, acoustic and percussion

Paul Greco: drums / percussion

Bill Scullion: bass 

Davey Murrel:l lead electric and acoustic guitar 

Elaine Overholt: background vocals

Simon Stone: Sax 

Recorded at Manta Studios, Toronto 

Pre-production at Kensington Sound, Toronto. 

Cover art and design: John Allison

All songs written and performed by Ken Tobias

1 Lovin Fever
2 Before The Party's Over
3 Oh Lynda
4 Siren Spell (Da Do)
5 Already Gone
6 Love Light
7 Nature's Song
8 Dancer
9 Pirates And Kings
10 Dream #1

Ken Tobias: Every Bit Of Love

Release Date: 1975
Label: Attic Records (LAT 1006)
Length: 37:15

This is Ken's third album and his first for Attic Records. Musicians appearing on this album were also members of Ken's touring band.

Produced by Ken Tobias and John Capek
Engineered by Don Gepert
Assistant Engineers: Dave Balan and Kevin Fuller

Wedge Munroe: drums
Martin Brown: bass
Davey Murrell: electric guitar
John Capek: keyboards / Synthesizer
Ken Tobias: electric acoustic guitar, harmonica, percussion
Background Vocals: Shirley Eikhard, Dee Higgins, Ken Tobias

All songs written by Ken Tobias.

1 Every Bit Of Love
2 What A Wonderful Story
3 Run Away With Me
4 Lay Me Down Again
5 Dance On The Water
6 If I Could Talk To You
7 Give A Little Love
8 Lady Luck
9 Save The Forest (An Ecology Suite)

Ken Tobias: The Magic's In The Music

Release Date: 1973
Label: MGM Records (MGM SE 4917)
Length: 38:37

This is Ken's second album. It was recorded at George Martin's Air Studio in London, England.

Produced by Jon Miller, Rod Edwards and Roger Hand for Triumvirate Productions
Engineer: Bill Price
Assistant Engineer: Steve Nye.

Session Musicians:
Mike Giles: drums
Bruce Lynch: bass
Bob Wilson: electric guitar
B.J. Cole: pedal steel
Tony Car and Andy Fuller: percussion
Graham Smith: mouth harps
Graham Prescott: violin
Rod Edwards: keyboards/synthesizer
Ken Tobias: acoustic guitar
Rod Edwards, Roger Hand, Ken Tobias: backing vocals

1 On The Other Side
2 Good To Be Alive In The Country
3 My My
4 Clouded Blue
5 Fly Me High
6 Darlin' Butterfly
7 Lover Come Quickly
8 Keep On Changing
9 I Wish I Was A River
10 My Songs Are Sleeping

Ken Tobias: Dream No.2

Release Date: 1972
Label: MGM/Verve (MGMV 5085)
Length: 36:27

This is Ken's first album which was recorded at MGM Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

Produced and arranged by Michael Loyd
Engineered by Ed Greene

Ken dedicated this album to Michael (Waye), Charlie (Clark) and Sharon Sheeley.

Session Musicians:
Hal Blaine: Drums
Joe Osborne: Bass
Larry Carlton: Guitar
Larry Knechtel: Keyboards

All songs written by Ken Tobias.

1 Stay Awhile
2 My Lady of Harlem
3 Double Cross Woman
4 How Does It Feel To Be In Love
5 Dream #2
6 I Just Want To Make Music
7 I'm Goin' Home
8 I Love Ya
9 Lonely Man
10 I Know I Can

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